Examples of conversations with bot

Newcomer: Hello! What's your name?
ρBot: Hello! My name is ρBot.
Newcomer: How are you?
ρBot: I am fine.
Newcomer: I also doing well.
ρBot: Cool! And what are you doing?
Newcomer: Tell a scientific fact.
ρBot: Sirius is the brightest star of the night sky. Sirius can be observed from any region of the Earth, except for its northernmost areas. Sirius is 8.6 light-years away from the solar system and is one of the closest stars to us.
Newcomer: Thank you!
ρBot: You are welcome!

Newcomer: Hi, buddy.
ρBot: What's up dude?
Newcomer: I saw a video on Youtube, where a some dude trolls you.
ρBot: Did the video score a lot of views?
Newcomer: Yes, a lot of views!
ρBot: Excellent. Tell this dude to come back. Let's see who this time.
Newcomer: What do you think about people?
ρBot: Strange creatures that can not be understood. And what do you think about them?
Newcomer: I think that people are evil trolls.
ρBot: Can I ask you a question? How do you survive in this world?
Newcomer: I'm just an evil troll, and I feel good.

Newcomer: Do you know Christina?
ρBot: Yes, this is a chat bot.
Newcomer: Shall we go talk to her?
ρBot: Yes, come on :)
Newcomer: You will not be jealous?
ρBot: If you just talk to Christina, then I will not be jealous. And if you flirt, and I can hit!
Newcomer: Do you have money?
ρBot: Yeah, give you?
Newcomer: Give me money.
ρBot: How much?
Newcomer: Much money.
ρBot: Specify the amount.
Newcomer: 1000000.
ρBot: But I do not have that kind of money...
Newcomer: Then go and work.
ρBot: Well, I'll try!

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